Closing Speaker – Bio

Born and raised in Southern California. He hates the sunlight, and has been digging tunnels and caves with a spoon in his backyard since he was 5. Now that he is older, he can really dig. Although he can tolerate the sunlight, now he lives in a cave with his wife since his house has collapsed into the ground.

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Howard Zisser, M.D. – Speaker Bio

Howard Zisser, M.D., Director of Clinical Research & Diabetes Technology, conducts clinical trials on new and innovative therapies for type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes. He currently manages trials investigating JDRF and NIH funded Artificial Pancreas Projects, the safety and efficacy of inhaled insulin, and implantable insulin pumps and implantable glucose sensors. Additionally, Dr. Zisser is Adjunct Professor, Department …

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B. Willing James – Speaker Bio

Brendan Willing James is a songwriter, singer, photographer, designer, and insatiable conversationalist. He has spent the better part of the last 15 years following his muse, creating songs, art, touring, reading, exploring love, always taking the road less traveled on a perpetual search for inspiration, new challenges, and stories of humanity. B fell in love with songwriting while loosely studying …

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Dr. Keith Witt – Speaker Bio

Dr. Keith Witt is a psychologist in private practice, a writer, a teacher, and a lecturer. On his website,, he offers The School of Love written and video blogs and other content exploring countless facets of love, intimacy, psychotherapy and human relationships. Beginning May 16, 2012, Keith began The School of Love Lecture Series comprised of twenty-four monthly lectures. …

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Dr. Rick Schubert – Speaker Bio

An internationally recognized scholar of Asian Philosophy, award-winning teacher, and pioneer in academic Philosophy of the Martial Arts, Rick Schubert is Professor of Philosophy at Cosumnes River College, Sacramento and Hapkido (Korean Martial Arts) Instructor at the UC Davis Experimental College. He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from UC Davis and a 4th Dan (master rank) in Hapkido from Hapkido …

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Meet The Volunteers – Noozhawk Feature

Local Volunteers Put Their Passions to Work for TEDxAmericanRiviera Meet Dawn Mitcham, Pia Dorer and Terry Baxter, three of the ‘ambassadors’ for this year’s Nov. 11 event The TEDx phenomena is based on the ability of local organizers to rally people around the mission of TED: “Ideas Worth Spreading.” As it goes against the ethos of TED to make profit …

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Dr. Ron Stotts – Speaker Bio

Ron’s personal creativity crisis came to a head in 1967 where low grades and shame drove him to leave college and join the Marines. There he was abruptly awakened to how deeply he cared about others. Ron ended up defining his own set of values, learning how to learn, and working with others to explore and develop the very best …

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Grandmaster Dave Wheaton – Speaker Bio

Teaching and training in the martial arts for 46 years, Grandmaster Dave Wheaton is a revered Instructor, Mentor and Coach to thousands of students across the country.  His unique approach to mind/body training empowers his students to discover excellence within themselves and tap into their greatest potential. Grandmaster Wheaton developed Dynamic Circle Hapkido, a formidable system of self-defense that combines …

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Moi Navarro – Speaker Bio

Moi Navarro is an independent artist in the music industry based in Los Angeles, California. Moi has gained a prominent fan base that spans worldwide. He reaches a vast audience with his passionate music, straight-forward lyrics, and unique stories. His diversity is more than just skin-deep, as his music is interwoven with influences of funk, rock, soul, folk and jazz. …

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Noozhawk Features TEDxAmerican Riviera 2012 Speaker Lineup

Here’s a recent post from Noozhawk by Nancy Shobe, featuring Kymberlee Weil, where she explains the origin of this year’s theme and gives a preview of this year’s speakers.   TEDxAmerican Riviera 2012 Readies an Unthinkable Lineup of Speakers What happens when executive producer Kymberlee Weil and her crew of “out-of-the-box” thinkers brainstorm the theme for this year’s TEDxAmericanRiviera to …

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