Sheila Kelley – Let’s Get Naked: A Talk About Men, Women and the Erotic Creature

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There exists in every woman an Erotic Creature.   When Sheila Kelley discovered this sleeping giant, her life changed irrevocably. She had stumbled upon what women were missing and launched it into a worldwide sensation, ushering in the 4th wave of feminism by teaching women to own their sexuality.  Let’s Get Naked is about exposing the truth and the Erotic Creature, both of which rest just beneath the surface.

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  1. I have been a TED fan for the last year and am so inspired and moved by the content of all that is TED. I would love to attend a conference live and get to experience speakers in person.

    I am currently studying to be a health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I feel the unthinkable themes would be hugely influential in my current study and passion for self awareness and empowerment.

    Thanks so much for you consideration!

  2. A magnificent and perfectly delivered TEDTALK. The best ever! I loved your message and the manner in which you embody it. I agree whole heartedly and will help to spread your talk. It is vitally important at this time. Thanks for cultivating the awareness that inspires deep global cultural change. yipeeeee!

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