Dr. Ron Stotts – Speaker Bio

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Ron’s personal creativity crisis came to a head in 1967 where low grades and shame drove him to leave college and join the Marines. There he was abruptly awakened to how deeply he cared about others. Ron ended up defining his own set of values, learning how to learn, and working with others to explore and develop the very best of who and what we are.

Receiving his Masters degree in English, Ron developed learning programs at several colleges and inspired his students to become published authors.

His further studies landed him in the role of Co-Director of The Brain Integration Center where he created whole-brain learning workshops.

Ron collaborated with top leaders (including Dr. Tom Gordon (P.E.T.), Al Huang (Tai Chi Master), Buckminster Fuller, and Joseph Campbell) in the personal growth field to develop dynamic transformational programs.

Ron’s personal and spiritual journey then brought him to Los Angeles where he met Tim Gallwey (The Inner Game Of Tennis). As Tim saw the extraordinary way Ron’s mind worked, he appointed him Executive V.P. of Inner Game Corp. They worked together with corporations such as AT&T to help them develop focus and enhance creativity.

A life and death experience gave Ron an expanded awareness of being one with everything. He also gained further clarity of his life’s path — taking people to the source of their deepest issues for the purpose of healing and developing their full potential.

Upon receiving his PhD in Psychology, Ron became the Founder and Director of the Center for Balance. Over the next few decades he developed numerous creativity enhancement programs, serving thousands of clients throughout the U.S. and Europe. During this time he also received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree, integrating body, mind, and spirit into his work.

Ron’s creative expression as a landscape artist has won numerous state and international awards (primarily for Japanese gardens). He is an author, speaker, workshop leader, and co-founder of the Creativity Revolution.

Ron’s vision, purpose, and commitment come together in pioneering the Creativity Revolution. He knows that by accessing our imagination and innate creativity, we become more aware and conscious of inspired and productive ideas. We lose fear and gain hope. We can then create from what will serve our highest intention as an individual, a community, a nation, and a world.